Wednesday, 30 March 2011


15. a bigger number, comes with more responsibilities, more expectations.
Today was a special day! every day is a special day actually, but today is really a chance to thank people for being in my life.

Thank you squadmates! for all the awesome pressies that i have, small but really holds a lot of dear memories and meanings to me! :D

Thank you for all the birthday wishes that i had! It was really very thoughtful of all of you!

thank you all for really making it a really special day for me, one that i would never forget.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Zone Comp 2011 26th march

Its 10 o clock at night now.
This day deserves a post.
Yesterday, we stayed up reading notes, polishing boots, writing letters.
Today, we prevailed! We broke through, we created that sensation.
we woke up early to go to school, ready to embrace the day. feeling confident, with all the support we got from our seniors, our officers, our squadmates. We were ready embrace the day, with the history that our very very old seniors have created for us. the magnificent history, of 50 years of excellence, the magnificent history, of creating that sensation for 50 years.
We trained, long and hard. with tears, hardwork and sweat.
There were really many times we felt like giving up, but we went on. cause we have a common dream, a common goal, a common aim, a common sensation we want to create.
We gave our best, we gave it all, but we never thought it was enough.
We did all we could for all the cases, but somehow we don't think so.
The sweat we shared, the sore throats, the tears laughter and joy, will never be forgotten
This journey has not ended and it will never end.
The times we shared together will never be forgotten,
The effort our trainers put in will never be forgotten,
This day, will never be forgotten.
It was a big dream, to have the squad represent the zone in RV together, but now it came true.
This day will serve as one for us to remember, who we truly are, how far we have come!
I have squadmates who cant even say anything for nursing but stoned through the case, today they won.
I have squadmates who screwed almost every case in history when we were training, but today they won.
I have squadmates who have lost motivation for training, but they won.
I have squadmates who were so afraid to talk, but they won.
I have squadmates who were not in the competition, they see us train everyday, they came for every training to help us. and we did not disappoint them, we won
Trainers, who put in so much effort to helping us think of cases, being our casualties, pointing out our mistakes.

This is us.
One closely knitted family, crying for the category that won even if its not ours.
This is us.
Leading the corps, inspiring others.
This sensation, must last and will last.

My dearest squadmates, please take this day as a day to know who you truly are cause it really made me remember what i have come to because of all of you,
From a person who cant even remember one sns, you went for comp and won today.
From a person who can't really speak to the judge, you won today!
From a person who thought you guys screwed everything, you won today!
I hope this experience has helped you guys grow and helped you guys gain more confidence!

Lastly, i hope you guys will remember this sensation, and never ever forget it.
Never ever forget the times we spent together as a squad, never ever forget the times we spent with each other, cause
i will never ever forget every second that was spent with you guys, i will never ever forget the sensation we felt, i will never ever forget today.

Monday, 14 March 2011

My squadmates

I have a squadmate, she blamed herself for not taking care of the first aid pouch despite the fact that it was not her fault, she shouted her voice hoarse, but still gave her 200 percent.

I have a squadmate, who smiles all the time, may not seem very serious at times, but helped my and my platoon a lot in this camp. Being small, she really has great power and is a great source of support! she did her best with me to get the flag back although she could have continued sleeping.

I have a squadmate, who was always a pillar of support, she is just always there, quiet in the background. She cares for her juniors, her squadmates silently, she saw us suffer and she cried, she hurt her hand, she still pump with us.

I have a squadmate, she loses her voice just to make her instructions for us clear, she goes am i clear! so that we can understand. She gives her best, to make sure the rest of us don't suffer.

I have a squadmate who broke through his boundaries and BYLed for our squad during the performance, he was usually so glam, but he threw away his face for us hahaha

I have a squadmate who broke through, and finally took charge for something, she gets emotional, just because of her yearones. but she fell back in really fast, she wiped off her tears and stayed strong.

I have a squadmate who is not supposed to do PT, she would have muscle aches for weeks, she endured through it with us, crying of the pain on the third day and feeling bad about not being punished with the rest.

I have a squadmate who gave her best for everything, did not sleep at night and lost her voice. Did her best to help us and ran rounds for us just for the things we did wrong. she ran as fast as she could, but she will forever feel its not fast enough.

I have a squadmate who was SUPER SUPER nervous when he was the platoon ic. he was SO afraid he would screw up, he was basically in cold sweat and almost shiverring. but he took up the lead, and did everything right in the end.

I have a squadmate who was never outspoke, never spoke much. but he broke through, he was camp ic for us and did his really best. he was dead nervus but still did his best for the triage.

I have a squadmate who always told us not to worry and always knew things were gonna be fine, he was always reassuring when we stressed up over nothing cause we know he wont screw it up for us.

I have a squadmate whose replies are super loud! but his replies will forever lag one second hahaha! but he is always enduring with us! And we will always hear his reply.

I have a squadmate who's very lady like, she broke through her boundaries, she was not strong but she held in pumping position without her knees coming down. She was a nice senior who gave her 20 percent and was always guiding her juniors. she was guarding the first aid pouch with her life

I have a squadmate who was always so nonsensical. but deep deep down, you can really know how much he loves RVSJ.

I have a squadmate who broke through, he talks to us so much more now, compared to when he was year one.

I have a squadmate who was so quiet, i never really knew her, but this camp, she taught us how to dance, she made our performance possible. She was sick, but she gave it all.

I have a squadmate who did not come for camp, but she always gives her best! She is someone so tall and everytime when we suan her, she would never complain.

i have a squadmate who drew out awesome diagrams so that we won't label our things wrongly. he gave it his best too! he was not so enthu before, but he really broke through.

i have a squadmate which i mentioned sprained both ankles, she cries when she talks about how she saw her squadmates suffer, only through talking through the phone, she tears...

This is really how much we love each other, what we do for each other, these precious people, will never be forgotten.

UG camp 2010

We went.
We came back.
We laughed.
We cried.
We got scolded.
We had fun.
We did not sleep.
We did  not bathe.
We sweat.
We ran.
We shouted.
We suffered.
We got punished.

We did all these.

UG camp 2011.
A memorable one.
It will forever be a reminder to what my squadmates, seniors and juniors have done for me, what we, RVSJ do for each other.

I have a squadmate who sprained both ankles and tried to help us get triangular bandage by walking around all the medical shops in her neighbourhood. All of them had no stock. She came to camp with 24 Bandages for us which she got from her brother. She came to camp and endured through it with us, she had a fair share of all the sufferings, despite her not running and falling in.

I have squadmates who cry together because they already gave in their 200 percent but they thought it wasnt enough cause we all still got scolded and we all cried just because we saw our squadmates suffering, their shivering hands while they held in pumping position, their screwed voices when they shouted. Their sweat dripping when they ran. Their muscle aches cause of the punishments. We cry not cause of the pain we were suffering, because we saw how others, people whom we love, suffer.
This is us.

I have squadmates who had fun with me during the performance, who did stupid things with me throughout the whole camp.
I have squadmates who helped each other eat their food despite knowing the food was not nice and they were already very full.

There were still many many things my squadmates did. Things i really appreciate and would never forget.

I have seniors

Seniors who tear silently behind our backs and act very strong in front of us. They did not act, They were strong.
Seniors who lost their voices cause they scolded us and cause they cared so much about us.
Seniors who did not sleep just to plan the camp for us.
Seniors who gave their 200 percent just to make sure WE juniors learn something.
Seniors who scolded us despite the pain they felt in their hearts when they did it.
Seniors who cheered for us when we screw up.
Seniors who care about us.
Seniors who love us and would do anything in the world for us.

These are our seniors. They have done countless of things, can never appreciate them enough.

We have juniors.
Juniors who cried with their seniors despite the fact that it was not their fault.
Juniors giving their 200 per cent in shouting just cause they dont want to get their seniors scolded.
juniors who did not want their seniors to do things for them and volunteered for everything.
Juniors who had to run all around the school and didnt complain.
Juniors that were willing to do anything for the whole St John.

These are my juniors.

One UG camp
One St John.
All for one,
One for All.

the things we do for the people we love, priceless.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


this deserves a blog post.
dedicated to my beloved 1E, Fam B.
My dearest year ones, i guess i didn't have all the time in the world to say everything i wanted to say to you guys, hence. My heartfelt words continue here. My dearest 1E, i remembered the first day you guys came in, i was very scared, very worried. Am i doing my job well? what would happen to them? i remembered i had a lot of missing sheeps, school song, would you guys sing? mass dance, would you guys actually dance? Most importantly, would you guys even try, to take the very first step, to get to know one another, as a class. I am glad you all did. you guys spoke, you guys tried to know each other. Slowly, i saw people opening up, you were not alone, still scattered, you were in twos or threes, taking small steps to know each other. I remembered i was trying to remember all your names, and i have no idea how many times i actually asked for your names, but you guys were understanding, were forgiving, you guys still patiently told me your names. You guys were soft, but i knew you wanted me to know you, you were lost. you needed help. The next day, CCA trials. The sun was hot, you guys helped each other to fill water bottles, you guys did your best for everything. I am really proud of you. The third day, you guys painted your flag, 34 names on 1 1E flag the flag was simple, maybe not the prettiest one in the world, but the most special one, the one you guys are most proud of. slowly and steadily, you guys came in groups, and slowly, you guys started to talk to more people and bond as a class. When the flag was completed. I know, you guys are proud, to be in 1E.
Day one of the camp, we started with the water game, facils couldnt help you a lot, we were supposed to pour water on you guys, but we didnt. Instead, we shouted at you all to guard the bucket. We wanted you guys to work as a class, slowly... you guys bonded even more. As the rest of the camp passed slowly, you guys started smiling more, speaking up more, cheering up, taking initiative. you guys became one class, and shouted invincible zai cheers. I am sincerely proud of you guys, you guys really made a breakthrough and really made my efforts and my tears and joy and laughter and voice and sleep all worthwhile.I know we were fierce, we were harch on you guys, but thank all of you for always being there, and for giving us this opportunity and chance to learn with you all, learn about you all and to be able to have fun and feel with you all. seeing you all help one another, appreciate each other, i sincerely think its really heartwarming, seeing all your thanks and seeing all of you hug each other, its really heartwarming. 1E, i hope you guys remember all the times you have shared, the tears, laughter, joy, sweat, games, cheers, songs, dance, hugs, jumps, meals, sleep. I hope you guys can write beautiful RV stories for ourself and share it, share this spirit with the world, speak up, support one another, have more confidence in yourselves, Enjoy each other's company and treasure and appreciate what is given to you. Appreciated what people have done for you, big or small, a small thank you really goes a long way. Thank you 1E, for gearing me up to be able to face the challenges to come, i will be strong and for all of you, i will do my best and not give up. Please do so too, smile more and laugh more! i love you always. 1e, The most excellent, enthusiastic, entertaining, emotional, enduring class with an everlasting bond that will never break.

Fam B!
I remembered when the list was out, people were like, Krysen and yongrui! sure fail one lah! but in the end,we were the zai est fam, we had most problems, but least facils. Thats the Fam b spirit, we were really one family. We have a frog, a tofu, hot and cold fam heads, a kangaroo, a ever so serious mengyu, a crazy mavis, a funny peilynn, a pretty gwendolyn, a quite serious jiamin, a chio Xu Ke. we shared unlimited laughter and sang cheers and did stuff that we will never forget. I really thank you all for supporting me when i needed help, when my grp had not enough facils. You guys were really welcoming and didnt treat me like a stranger at all. from the bottom of my heart, thank you Fam b, you're the best fam i can have, i would never trade it another.

signing off, with loadsalove and smiles and warmth in my heart, memories i will never forget,

Sunday, 26 December 2010





Grow Now Together (Student Division Song)

Sometimes I feel that I don’t know
Who or what am I
But then I know that I must strive
To keep a dream alive.

For the world is out there waiting
For someone to make a change
As students, we take this challenge
Tomorrow is our stage

Grow now together (Hey)
Can you hear our cries?
Go now together (Hey)
Change other people’s lives.
Smile now forever (Hey)
Let’s fill the world with joy
We will make this our endeavor
Young eagles let us fly.

The sun is rising can’t you see
It brightens up the sky
And that is how we live our lives
Come join me, as we try

For we know our mentor’s calling
We must be strong and brave
We‘ll raise the flag of justice
Create a whole new age

Grow now together (Hey)
Can you hear our cries?
Go now together (Hey)
Change other people’s lives.
Smile now forever (Hey)
Let’s fill the world with joy
We will make this our endeavor
Young eagles let us fly.

Grow now together (Hey)
Can you hear our cries?
Go now together (Hey)
Change other people’s lives.
Smile now forever (Hey)
Let’s fill the world with joy
We will make this our endeavor
Young eagles let us fly.

We will make this our endeavor….Young eagles let us fly
We will make this our endeavor…..Young eagles let us fly

soka 80th anniversary!

Monday, 20 December 2010


last 2 weeks of hols, gonna be busy. i shall reflect on 2010 when i have the time to!
2010 has been a much smoother year compared to 2009!
2010 was kinda awesome, we had competitions, where we shared our tears, our laughter... many memorable precious moments came from there! 2!rresistible is i'mperfectly perfect. there were many many times that i would remember forever.
this year, i think in many ways, i have grown. I have grown stronger as a person, learnt to listen to other people, become more sensitive and am also more appreciative.
besides competitions, my nov hols were memorable too! there was SC camp and there was NCO course! both which really good times were spent! and coming up, there's year one orientation and facils training! :D so yup i have pretty much summed up my year in a super short post.

Long way to go!!!
Shall post a wishlist! hehehe

buhbye peeps!
no one ever reads anything here, but its my small piece of heaven for my small mini audience!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

嘿 一个苹果 飞上天空 
嘿你 怀着个梦 为何不动 
所有的听说 或传说 

人生实验课开启 理智休息 
打开抽屉 呼唤勇气
微笑 或哭泣 
人生实验课开启 脑袋关机 
放纵好奇 放肆情绪
显微镜底下 观察这生命
活着的每一天 是星期天

看 把薄荷糖 
加入苏打 多久才会爆炸
爆炸 太多想法 灌下苏打 
闭上眼睛说声 "啊~"
月亮的阴晴 或圆缺

我相信 只有不停不停地长期实验
把这世界 多看几遍 

终於我发现 活着的每一天 
是新体验 是星期天  
realised they've released their album! hahaha they're really cute and filled with life!
and this is a really cute song i guess? so enjoy! :D
人生实验课开启 理智休息  
打开抽屉 呼唤勇气 
微笑 或哭泣  

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Listen, to hear, to pay attention.
Listening, to some it may be easy, to others it may be hard.
Everyone needs a listening ear... but just how many are there?
To pay attention, just to what others would like to tell you.
Have you actually appreciated someone that actually bothers to remember everything that you said, they may be nonsense, but you have no idea how much it really means to them.

hahaha today... chatted with probably my best friends in the world.
really paid attention to them. how much i listened to them
through listening, i know so much about them.
from their likes and dislikes, their views on life...
i remember everything they said. i will never forget them.

someday, if i really stop listening to them... and really started to think of what they have said.. i might actually break down and cry. I guess thats how much they really mean to me, bit by bit... through listening to droplets of their lives.

listening, opens a new door, a new perspective, a new person.
the easiest way to know a person, is to really listen. Listen whole heartedly, you'll really get to know that person.

Listen to yourself, look deep in your heart. you'll really get to know yourself.

well, to my two beloved friends, please really treasure yourselves, hope you guys have many many more to share in future! continue to complete the beautiful stories you have told me. Always know i'll be listening, and i'm always here to listen. oh not forgetting! with a smile... :)

chujing (:

Friday, 5 November 2010


hahaha still tired.
Reading my previous post, and having came back from SC Camp, reflected!
haha people try digesting this!
You'll be tired, before i'm tired when i'm tired.
I was tired, and i was only thinking of myself.
I did not think of the others who were counting on me to spur them on...
So yup! when you're tired, always think of the others, who are more tired than you, who have gone through so much for you! think about how others will need you to be there for them. learn to appreciate. you won't be tired.
People can make choices! when you're tired, you can choose to slide down that slippery path and just give up! or you can choose to stand up and cheer yourself on! and build your own character! and when you look back, you'll feel almighty and ask yourself, what else am i afraid of? i will survive!
Remember, you can make choices. make them wisely! and remember! you'll be tired, before i'm tired, when i'm tired. I'll always be here for you! cheering you on! :D